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Go to the Text Box Properties and then set the visibility of the Text Box.Select the following option from the Visibility tab and then click on the fx button. Here we choose the parameter Isvalid Date value that returns a true or false value.Now we need to test the preceding approach in a SSRS Report. Here I have used an order from date of October and an order to date of April and clicked the View Report button and then I got the following message that is the purpose of this tutorial.This tutorial shows how to export data and create a report, expand predefined views and add navigation to charts, use the free-form report designer, and customize the parameter experience.Note: If you use a parametrized Stored Procedure then there is no need to create a parameter in SSRS Reports.To create a parameter we need to go the Report Data window and then go to the Parameter folder and right-click on that and select Add Parameter.After clicking on the Add button you can see this Text Box here.Then here we will write an expression that is called the custom code function Check Date and pass the parameter value.

For this we need to add a Text Box to the report and write a message that you want to show to users. Then we need to set the visibility of this Text Box.Here I am only showing how to implement the validation in a report.If you want to learn about SSRS report creation then go to this link: Here we see only validation using custom code.In this manner we can create any number of parameters in a SSRS report.Then provide the parameter name and choose the data type depending on your value.

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Apply validation on the from date and the to date parameter of SSRS.