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Hey guys, organizations are planning pro-net-neutrality protests in front of Verizon stores on Thursday, December 7th. A physical presence is ten times more potent than online pressure.

Find a store to focus on and stop by, raise some noise, get some attention, make the news.

As the stakes keep getting higher, a journey originally about reuniting past lovers becomes one about personal growth, family, and a little bit of love. Caroline sat in her dorm, watching her former roommate pack up the last bit of her things. ” Caroline was practically jumping up and down on her bed.“Calm your panties, Forbes. For all she had known, Klaus had just gone on a little trip to the city and decided that he didn’t want to come back.No matter that she had been stuck in a car almost continuously all day; driving was exhausting and she needed to sit down and relax.“Fine. Or whatever else you’re planning in that dastardly little head of yours, Katherine.” Rebekah waved them in the vague direction of the room before going back to the staircase.“Well,” Caroline said “I guess now we wait.”“Have I ever mentioned that I hate waiting?I’ll probably get daggered for letting vermin,” Here Rebekah shot Katherine an intentional look. Nik and Elijah are out, but they should be home any minute, so just… ” Katherine sighed.“Patience is a virtue, Petrova.”“And I’ve never advertised myself as virtuous, now have I, Forbes?Bonnie and Elena won’t be here until tomorrow afternoon, so that leaves us plenty of time for hangover recovery. I like my alcohol, and I can just compel anyone who finds out. “I started caring about rules when I became human and they started applying. So let’s get drunk, bitch about how much our lives suck, and then pass out.” Caroline said. After all, if anyone deserved a happy ending based on a game of whose-life-was-more-traumatic, the girl on the other bed did. that-person-that-she-found-herself-not-hating-even-though-she-should? ) a happy ending.-0-0-0-0-0-When Katherine woke up, everything was sunny. And her head felt like it had just been pummeled with a jackhammer.Besides, you weren’t a roomie, and every roommate deserves a going-away party...” She rummaged around in the mini fridge and under her bed before bringing out a bottle of bourbon and a couple of cups, shaking them happily.“Isn’t that like…against University policy, or something? Apparently, now that I’m ‘eighteen’ again, I can’t really do much of anything.” Katherine rolled her eyes. Katherine shrugged, reached for a cup, and poured a few fingers of bourbon in.“Works for me.” Katherine tossed back the alcohol like it was water, and then sputtered. ” She loved juicy information, and the fact that got dumped was almost enough to make the tabloids. Caroline had learned a bit about Katherine’s past from Elena, and even Katherine herself, and it was kind of pretty terrible. Her first coherent thought was that Silas had finally gotten her, and was whisking her away to kill her.

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” Katherine’s voice took a tone somewhere between a shout and a shriek, with a slight note of panic. “After Silas sucked the cure out of me, I started…aging.”“Like… Said crazy immortals ex-fiancé refused to help me, and I’ve already talked to Dr. There’s nothing to be done, at least from the human standpoint. Just...dying.”“Well, I won’t take that for an answer.” Caroline said.