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CONTENIDO PARTE I Publicaciones y trabajos enviados a Congresos y/o Seminarios FACING THE CHALLENGE OF STAKEHOLDERS INVOLVEMENT: THE ARGENTINE NUCLEAR REGULATORY CASE Acosta, G. In addition, each administrator of the mail, which is being replied, identifies themselves. The mails are not signed as if the answer was owned by the signee, but as an ARN administrator of the requested information. 163 LA APLICACIÓN DEL SISTEMA DE INFORMACIÓN GEOGRÁFICA AL MONITOREO EN EMERGENCIAS RADIOLÓGICAS Y NUCLEARES Sadañiowski, I. Therefore it was considered necessary to involve the society further in this programme in order to achieve greater public understanding and awareness of the nuclear regulatory activities and in particular to create an environment of confidence that the regulator will ensure their safety.

Also, a free 24 hours telephone hotline was enabled [11]. Once the technical area generates the answer, it forwards it back to the Institutional Communications Mail-info administrator, where it is reviewed and edited, if necessary, to comply with the guidelines of the SCP, i.e. 11 PUESTA EN MARCHA DEL ACELERADOR TANDEM DEL CENTRO ATÓMICO EZEIZA Bianchini, R.; Consorti, S.; Roldán, M.; Llovera, R.; Arenilla, P.; Alvarez, D. Meanwhile, the public stakeholder is informed that their requirement has been received and assigned to the appropriate department and will soon receive a reply. The mission of the ARN is to protect the individuals, the environment, and the future generations against the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. 141 RECOMENDACIONES PARA LA MEDICIÓN DE 131 I EN LA TIROIDES HUMANA USANDO UN DETECTOR DE Na I(Tl) Puerta Yepes, N.; Andres, P. It has federal competence, thus its licensing and control activities are applied to the whole country.

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97 SUPPORTING TREATMENT DECISION IN PATIENTS WITH DIFFERENTIATED THYROID CARCINOMA (DTC) UNDER RADIOIODINE-131 THERAPY: ROLE OF BIOLOGICAL DOSIMETRY ASSESSMENT Fadel, A. ARN understands that communication with the general public, as an external stakeholder, is a means to establishing and maintaining public trust [8].