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A curious fact is that female gendercide has garnered more attention within international human rights dialogue.For instance, the UN Declaration on the Protection of Women and Children in Emergency and Armed Conflict (1974) states that “women and children…are the most vulnerable members of the population.” However, there is no supporting evidence for the statement.Top searches: mature(8000)german(2512)indian(2748)teen(45243)lesbian(10165)sister(1061)japanese(5586)anal(22584)pissing(1760)bdsm(3392)solo(5858)daughter(1659)granny(1822)arab(1066)hairy(5298)family(388)compilation(2389)forced(73)wife(7472)shemale(5468)stepmom(1221)taboo(284)turkish(249)gangbang(2467)pregnant(792)handjob(2221)korean(426)pierced(657)local(140)double(2543)rape(17)riding(6494)cuckold(1209)squirt(1294)smoking(986)party(3403)casting(2500)cheating(1108)yoga(501)skinny(3201) You are at the best place for all of your porn video needs.This website is dedicated to bringing you a massive amount of the kinkiest porn flicks on the web.The reason for this disproportionate focus on female gendercide is not entirely clear.It may be the result of an effort to correct for the long omission of the plight of women from international law governing conflict.

Moreover, the categorization of war zones included the gendercide of males.

Reporting on the male specific murder of non-combatants does not mean that female specific murder is somehow less important or tragic.

Both female and male gendercide occur with different patterns in different situations.

But, even so, there is no logical reason that male gendercide should be ignored.

In any event, human rights reporting and protection is not a zero sum game.

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