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Her feature film credits include "Let It Be Me." Attentive viewers might spot her in a series of Nike shoe commercials with former San Antonio Spur basketball star George "The Iceman" Gervin ("It's a great way to get free shoes! Away from the set, Neal enjoys playing tennis, shooting pool, attending movies on opening day - and is a self-admitted fan of daytime dramas.Elise Neal wants to kick your butt on Super Bowl weekend ... The super fit 50-year-old actress is hosting her, "Elise Neal Body Bootcamp" 1- p.m Saturday, Feb. Neal is starring in the new Wolverine Marvel film, "LOGAN," which premieres in March.Actress Elise Neal committed a fashion faux pas when she wore a knockoff of a very expensive Balmain dress worn by socialite Kim Kardashian and others on national TV this morning.Blogger Tami of explains: Chile, I can’t believe my eyes this morning as I sat and watched The Real daytime talk show hosts interview actress Elise Neal."Hollywood Divas" star Elise Neal says she bailed on her show after equipment busted her head open during a shoot, and producers refused to foot the medical bills.

Actress who became known for her supporting roles on A.

“He’s very mature,” says Shaunie, who adds that the couple’s age difference is a benefit. PHOTOS: 10 Ways Stars Bounce Back from Breakup The couple took “a big step” in their relationship by going to vacation together for the first time, she tells PEOPLE.

While her kids are visiting family during their school’s spring break, Shaunie is making the most of her time alone with Yates.

“We’ve been hanging out on the beach, swimming,” she says.

Wikipedia defines a ‘faux pas’ as “a socially awkward or tactless act, especially one that violates accepted social norms, standard customs, or the rules of etiquette.” Similarly, a ‘fashion faux pas’ is a tactless violation of fashion standard customs and/or rules of etiquette — such as wearing a knockoff designer dress on national television.

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Elise Neal, former dancer, kicked up some dust in the media when the native Tennessean guest-starred as a recovering breast cancer patient on a an unforgettable episode of "Chicago Hope" - a serious role that needed some unusual nudity to give information that could help save many breast cancer patients' lives.

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