Celebrities dating black women

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Madonna – Before she had the young swirly thing she has now, Madonna was getting it in with the wacky a$$ Dennis Rodman.

He was definitely piping those cakes down before Madonna turned into Skeletor and was moderately attractive.

They have three children together: two sons and a daughter.

Despite having a strong marriage, Dave rarely talks about his wife or his kids, thus keeping his family life private. After dating for nearly two years, the couple broke up and Shia La Beouf quickly moved onto co-star Mia Goth.

Despite his ever-growing bank accounts, Mark decided to get married in his backyard.While interracial dating remains a widely discussed topic, it’s evident that it’s plenty acceptable on the red carpet.While some like ’em black and others like ’em white, there are some celebs who have been taken over by what is known as the Asian Persuasian.I was going through a recent slideshow on Huffington Post of all of the celebrity marriages so far in 2013 (watch the slide show because you will not believe who got married! I noticed almost all of the Black women also married interracially too! Something really stuck out for me…I think almost all of the Black men who got married had non-Black or biracial wives!

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Put him together with his lovely blonde girlfriend Jennifer Newman (a self-proclaimed “robot girl”) and you have a couple that could turn heads almost anywhere.

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