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Playing with herself, she brings out her toys and diddles herself into a hot cumming.Security cameras provide security and some measure of safety for job sites and workplaces all over the world.The two guards were checking to make sure inmates were accounted for in their cells.Suddenly, Mercier's colleague thrust a long, cylindrical metal tool used for data collection between her legs, from behind.

Tracy Mercier doesn't want to watch the video of a colleague sexually assaulting her, but is glad the tape exists — recorded by a hallway camera inside Mountain Institution, a medium security federal penitentiary for male offenders in Agassiz, B. "It's hard for me to watch it, because I feel like it's my fault that it happened," says Mercier. But really, I know I didn't." Mercier, 42, a prison guard with the Correctional Service of Canada for more than five years, was doing the first hourly round of the day with her male partner on April 17, 2016.This all went down in October 2006, and it's a little bizarre how it got out to the public.The show had gone to commercial, but in at least one city, the local affiliate stayed on NBC's in-studio feed. NBC says the employee who came forward on Monday was the first complainant ever against Lauer at the network.Yes, these hidden cameras show absolutely everything as she not only strips but then takes a long time with it all, trying on a wide variety of clothing and looking just about as sexy as you can look.There is not much on the gorgeous body on this hot babe we do not see, nor does she care.

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